In the specialty of plastic surgery, the surgeon performs operations in which the goal is to restore form and function of a certain part of the body. Form and function are closely connected.

In general, a division is made in two sub-disciplines, reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery, although both aspects always play a role in every procedure, either reconstructive or aesthetic.

Defects that need reconstructive surgery can have different origins. The defect can be present from birth (congenital), be acquired after an accident (post-traumatic) or be the result of surgery. Most post-operative defects are the result from an oncologic operation, following tumor surgery.

Especially the development of microsurgery in the seventies led to a huge progression and improvement of the results and possibilities of reconstructive surgery. Certain defects can be reconstructed very precisely, because the reconstructive surgeon can provide an exact replacement of the missing tissues.

The department of Plastic Surgery of the University Hospital Ghent has a tremendous experience in microsurgery and perforator flap surgery and is world-renowned.

Different types of reconstructive surgery in parts of the body will be discussed. Click on the type of surgery in the menu for further information.